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About The Irish Rover Hamburg

The Irish Rover - Hamburg's most traditional Irish pub

Having procured the technology to transport this little piece of Ireland, we wondered if, once relocated, we could recreate an atmosphere which reflects the attitudes, landscape and uniqueness of home. We wondered if it was possible for people to feel Ireland just by walking through the door. We would need Irish beer, food, music that was as good as Ireland could provide...and that certain something...

... just what is it that makes Ireland so attractive to its frequent visitors? Is it the scenery, the homeliness, the sense of history, the music, the culture or the friendliness? ... the unique combination of all of these things perhaps?

The advantage we had was that we were starting from scratch. We could take the best aspects from the finest pubs at home and blend them together in one place. Maybe we could recreate the serenity of a landscape whose features are of stone and wood in a city pub located on Großneumarkt in Hamburg. We could recreate the cosiness of an Irish kitchen or the history of an Irish castle and infuse into it the music of generations-or could we? Could these ideas be blended together and transplanted as a piece of Ireland in which guests could discover a relaxation and comfort only experienced in the heartland of the Celtic Nations? What a daunting task. Guess what? We did it!

Irish Rover - Hamburg

If you have not yet visited us, come and sit by the open fire, sip a whiskey, enjoy some real Irish food while listening to Irish music. Gather your own impressions of our pub and then, if you disagree with our assessment, let us know. We are always open to suggestions and in any event you'll be made very welcome... in fact, you'll receive a hundred thousand welcomes...


Welcome to the Irish Rover,Hamburg